Windows XP crash


My Windows XP partition has suddenly crashed. It gave the blue screen of death and then when I rebooted, stating some hardware boot problems, the OS decided that it won't boot.

This means I have lost a massive 60 GB of precious data collected over 5 years. Thankfully I backed up most of the data on the cloud as discussed in this article.

I have three levels of backup currently:
1. A secondary hard disk of 40 GB
2. 5 CD-ROM disks
3. Data on social networking sites and on the cloud.

My computer is still operational as I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS working just fine. However the folks at home want Windows XP.

The problem: I already have Ubuntu installed, Windows XP won't install ( a monopolistic view of Microsoft).

It seems I have to add another layer of backup, an 8 GB pen drive that has a backup of all the important files of my PC.

How to recover data from a PC crash in Windows XP?
I can recover my data in XP using some Partition Recovery software.


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