How to close an application in Phonegap Apache Cordova ?


I recently made a close application button in my Phonegap application.After searching around and reading a lot about it on Stack Overflow, I did mange to create a satisfactory close button mechanism for my android application

With the help of this article you can show a confirm close dialog to a user.

Step 1. Add a close button in HTML

I have added a jquery button. If you are using something else, just make sure that you have included the onclick.

Step 2. Handle the onclick event in Javascript

The showConfirm function shows a dialog box to the user. When the user selects the yes button, the value of buttonIndex turns to 1 and as a result the function is trigerred.


The end result is a native dialog box as above.



sjmach said...

The screenshot is old and also it depends on your Android SDK.

Anonymous said...

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