Getting started with Mobile Automation using Appium for Android

Appium is a free open-source mobile automation tool from Saucelabs.

It is based on Selenium and borrows heavily from Selenium Webdriver.

The official way of downgrading from Android Lollipop (5.0.1) to Android Kitkat (4.4.4)


You can easily install Android Kitkat on your Nexus device if you are fed up of the various bugs you have seen for your Nexus device which runs Android Lollipop.

Running a Selenium Java project using Jenkins and Maven

Jenkins is a multi-purpose Continuous Integration server.

In this post, we will install Jenkins on a Linux machine (Ubuntu / Debian Distro) and we will configure it to run a selenium project. The same principal applies to Windows operating system.

Some useful Oracle database SQL queries

oracle database queries

The Oracle database is a widely used Relational database in the world for Enterprise applications.

We will be using sample database provide by oracle as discussed here:

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