Getting started with Testlink


TestLink is an open source test management tool. It is free and ideal for organizations looking for an alternative for HP Quality Center and other proprietary tools.

What you need to install TestLink?
1. An Apache server
2. MySQL database (Postgres and Microsoft SQL server too supported)
3. A PHP runtime

Thankfully there is XAMPP which is available for download here which takes care of the above. The installation for XAMPP is different for Windows and Linux and one must be careful to follow the OS specific guides.

After installing XAMPP you just need to drop TestLink folder inside the htdocs folder of XAMPP( On Linux, you just need to copy the folder using cp command in htdocs).


Now, you can install TestLink by visiting the URL http://localhost/testlink/install/index.php.

The common errors faced during TestLink installation  and their solutions are as below:

To solve Maximum Session Idle Time before Timeout  and Checking max. execution time (Parameter max_execution_time) errors in TestLink we need to edit php.ini file.


 The next part of errors can be solved by giving rights (chmod 777 preferably ) to the logs directories and upload area in Linux. On Windows systems, you need to edit file present in TestLink folder and set appropriate values to the following properties:

$tlCfg->log_path = 'E:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\logs'; /* unix example */
$g_repositoryPath = 'E:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\upload_area';  /* unix example */

After that restart XAMPP and enter http://localhost/testlink/install/index.php. in a web browser again.
Also there is a page where you need to enter MYSQL root password and you can change this in my.ini file. Enter this password and install TestLink.

After installation is successful visit http://localhost/testlink/index.php and enter admin as username and password.


凍仁翔 said...

This post have helpd to building a TestLink Ansible Role, thank you.

> chusiang/testlink.ansible.role: Deploy TestLink with Nginx, PHP 7 (php-fpm) and MySQL 5.6 on Ubuntu -

ashok kumar said...

Same testlink can be connect to Oracle database instead of MySQL??

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