Using Phonegap to build mobile applications


Today building  a successful  application for mobile is a dream for every developer.

There are a large number of dev tools out there. However, PhoneGap (also known as Apache Cordova) seems to lead the pack and for obvious reasons.
(This tutorial is intended for developers who would use PhoneGap for Android OS.)

Steps :

  1.  You will need to setup your Android Developer environment as explained in this article : Getting started with Android.
  2. Download PhoneGap
  3. Follow the instructions as present here PhoneGap documentation.

Why use PhoneGap?
To develop for Android you will need to learn or know Java programming language.
With PhoneGap  you can use HTML and javacript to build mobile apps which is way easier then JAVA.

PhoneGap versus Adobe Flash Builder 
The main disadvantage of using Adobe Flash Builder is that the final application size is massive. This is primarily because your final app contains Adobe Air code too.

A simple Hello World application size in Flash Builder was 8 MB
A simple Hello World  application size in PhoneGap  was 852 KB.


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